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Home Hyderabad Food Pages

Hyderabad Food Pages

Rubeera Palace, a unit of Sri Pavana Keerti Hotels India Pvt. Ltd. situated on the fifth floor of MPM Millennium Wajihuddin Estate, in Himayat Nagar, is an out and out vegetarian restaurant. As you step into the restaurant, on to the one side, you are greeted by elephant-headed god, Lord Ganesha, the remover of obstacles.

The ambience of the place is medium with no sharp lights and divided into three sections, so that any group big or small can have their own privacy. Approximately, it can seat 60 people. An ideal place for small gatherings and kitty parties. I took a place to the side, so that there is not much disturbance. Running an eye through the Menu Card, one noticed that it was more of a North Indian and Chinese cuisine on the platter.

Starting the luncheon with soup, there was Hot and Sour Veg Soup, a mix of chopped vegetable celery black pepper and vegetable stock cooked in dark soya vinegar and sauce. Other choices in the soup included Sweet Corn Veg Soup, Man Chow Veg Soup, Wanton Veg Soup, Choice of Cream Soup and Veg Clear Soup. My attention was drawn to the Mulligatawny Veg Soup, which was lentil flavoured soup served with veg crispies and rice, but I settled for the Lemon Coriander Soup, the thin Chinese soup based on corn flour, lemon and coriander leaves served hot with garnished lemon and curry leaf. Indeed, it was really yummy, which was relished with starter Gobi 65, a South Indian style batter fried Gobi with Indian spices served with red chutney.

Among choices there was Crispy Fried Corn Kernels, an American corn battered and fried spiced with Chinese spices tossed with soya sauce served with chilly and vinegar and hot chilli sauce, the Veg Figure Schezwan- mix vegetable minced with Schezwan Chinese spices battered and fried with finger deep fat and served hot with sauce or hot garlic sauce, a choice for those who love hot spicy food.

Other regular starters include Paneery Chilly, Golden Fried Baby Corn, Vegetable salt n pepper, Veg Manchurian, Stir fried spinach and baby corn. Of course one could also have Veg Dumpling in hot garlic sauce or Baby corn or Mushroom in soya sauce or any of the paneer choices.

Coming to the main course section, the regulars include Shahi Paneer, Malai Kofta, Palak Paneer, Paneer Butter Masala, Kadai Paneer, Vegetable Panjabi Handi, Veg Jalfreze, Aloo Mutter, Aloo Jeera, Aloo Gobi Capsicum Masala and Mix Veg Curry. Some main course cuisines had typical local names like the Nizami Handi, which was mixed vegetables, chopped palak and grated paneer cooked with Indian spices and served hot. The other hot names on the list were Mix Veg Kheema Lababdar, a mix vegetable in rich onion tomato gravy with cream butter served with dry fruit, and the other was Veg Kheema Kasthuri – mix vegetable cooked with onion and tomato gravy with spices of Kasthuri methi and Indian spicy masala with grated paneer. However, the choice fell on Methi Mutter Malai – fresh chopped methi cooked in rich white gravy with butter and cream till creamy and glossy topped with dry methi powder and served hot.

In the Dal section, there was Dal Fry, Yellow Dal Tadka, Dal Makhni, a must in any restaurant because it is accepted by the guests. But two other dal, one could try out was Channa Dal Palak – Channa dal soaked and cooked with Indian spices with chopped palak spiced with chilli tadka and flavoured with ghee and the other was Panjabi Dal Fry – a moderately spiced tasty and flavoured North Indian dal. For the localites, there was Sambar and Rasam. If you are too confused what to order among Roti or Naan, one could order the assorted bread basket. For choices there is Rumali roti, Paratha, Garlic Naan, Stuffed Kulcha, Cheese Kulcha and Pudina Paratha.

In the rice section, there is plain rice, Jeera Rice, Green Peas Rice, Veg Pulao, Kashmiri Pulao and Veg Biryani, for those wanting a light meal can prefer the Dal Kichdi. Some of you, who love Chinese preparations, can try the Ginger Fried Rice – Boiled rice tossed with Julian ginger, onion, carrot, capsicum, cabbage, French beans, coriander and seasoning or the Hong Kong Rice – boiled rice tossed with diced vegetables fried cauliflower, spring onion, soya, tomato sauce and seasoning. The others include Tipple Sechzwan Rice, Singapuri Rice and Schezwan Fried Rice. In the noodles section, the options are Schezwan Noodles, Singapuri Noodles, Hong Kong Noodles.

In the Desserts section, there is Gulab Jamoon, Honey Jamoon, Rasgulla, Rasmalai, Gajar ka Halwa, Moong Dal Halwa, Double ka Meetha, Triffle Pudding, Qubani ka Meetha, Banana Sunday and varied choice of ice-creams. Some of them one may get depending on the availability.

The restaurant also serves a wide range of snacks, which are tasty and spicy. Among Sandwiches, there is Vegetable, Chesse and Club. Among the Pakodas, there is Vegetable, Palak, Onion and Veg Cutlets and for kids the Veg Pizza.  Apart from Ale Carte, during Lunch and Dinner time, the restaurant offers Buffet services too, which are quiet reasonable.


Ahead of the Ramzan festival and to cash it on the taste buds of the gourmet lovers, Zaiqa-e-Hyderabad launched its first restaurant in the heart of the city at Banjara Hills.  Zaiqa-e-Hyderabad is from the same team which organises Zaiqa-e-Ramzan at Mehdipatnam every year. Zaiqa-e-Hyderabad is a multi-format restaurant serving authentic Hyderabadi cuisine, launched by the Food Krafters & Services (FKS). Taking off from the Urdu word ‘Zaiqa’, which means flavour, the restaurant is already a hit with people who love to savour the true Hyderabadi cuisines.

Khalil Ahmed, Managing Director of FKS said that the restaurant, Zaiqa-e-Hyderabad is about capturing the essence of Hyderabad - its unique traits, a paramount love of food, and the proud flaunting of the Nizami heritage. “Centuries-old recipes have been curated by a team of award-winning Chefs, who use the most authentic ingredients to prepare the best of Hyderabad’s culinary treats,” the MD says. Ahmed states that this is the first Zaiqa-e-Hyderabad restaurant in the city, and plans are on to set up more shortly. He adds that dinners can feast on Kebabs, Biryani, Gravies, and Desserts that represent the true flavours of Hyderabad. The culinary team which works under the leadership of Chef Pradeep Khosla churns of the various delicacies, such as the Marag, Haleem, Sona Zaffrani Tikka, various kinds of Biryani and Kheema Matar to name a few.

The chef proudly says that exclusive preparations like Marag, Haleem, and Lukhmi will be served along with favourites like Nizami Handi, Kacchi Yakhni Biryani, Chicken Dum Biryani, and Qubani ka Meetha. Some of the other cuisines include Paneer Tikka, Osmani Jhinga, Mutton Do Pyasa, Kheema Matar, Asaf Jahi Gosht Khorma, Lagan Ka Murgh, Dum Ka Murgh, Bagara Baigan, Dum Ka Paneer, Tamatari Paneer, Subz Biryani and many others. “Zaiqa-e-Hyderabad will be plating up a meal that is sure to send one’s taste buds on a journey to the days of the Nizams,” he says.

The restaurant also offers a wide variety of choices. One can have a five course meal or have a one or two items and save for the next visit. One can begin the meal with a soup of Marag, which is lamb, almonds, pistachios and saffron which come together wonderfully in this soup that was exclusively enjoyed by the royalty.

Popular among most non-vegetarian eaters is the Haleem. This is a delicacy that is especially made from succulent meat, pounded wheat, aromatic ghee and spices, is considered an art. The restaurant calls it a delivery of a masterpiece.

Another popular preparation with vegetarians and non-vegetarians is the Lukhmi. In this preparation, vegetables or minced lamb, either option of this is stuffed fried pastry, which is mouthwatering delicacy. Others on the menu include Tali Hui Machli, a scrumptious deep fried fillet of fish marinated in authentic Hyderabadi spices. Another dish is the Shikampur, a true Nizami dish, pounded meat patties with a wholesome filling of onions, yoghurt and green chillies.

If one loves the chicken varieties, there is Sona Zafrani Tikka. Enjoy the Zafrani goodness of the chicken, slow-cooked over charcoal, or try out the Murgh Malai Kebab, the cream, cheese and spices marinated kebab is a favourite of gourmet lovers. Also there is the regular Chicken 65, tender pieces of chicken tossed in fragrant curry leaves and select spices. Love eating the Kacchi Yakhni Biryani, tender and succulent pieces of mutton cooked ‘dum’ style with fragrant Basmati rice and spices, is a Biryani specialty here. Not to forget the regular Biryanis.

If you have a sweet tooth, don’t miss out the Qubani Ka Meetha, a favourite at Hyderabadi weddings and special get-togethers. “This dessert is the beautiful confluence of apricots and sugar,” says the chef. The chef shares that they did an extensive research on the Hyderabadi cuisines before launching the restaurant. He states that the opinion of many people had been taken on the royalty dishes of the bygone era.

As far as the place is concerned, one can have a meal in complete peace, wanna win your partner too, this place is ideal as the mouth-watering delicacies will play on the heart. The warm lighting and contemporary setting will please one and all.

Step into Zaiqa-e-Hyderabad for a heavenly treat. A meal for two will approximately cost Rs. 1,100.

Hotel Ibis popular pan India for its hotel services set shop in the City of Pearls in August 2016. As the name suggests, it spices up the experience of its guests by providing a platform where the menu itself is an amalgamation of various cuisines at one place. “Every dish present tantalises the taste buds and creates an unforgettable memory. From the local yet amazing Hyderabadi cuisine to the different kinds of high end steaks, the menu consists of the multitude of cuisines,” says Chef Punit. The chef goes on to say that the menu is not only consistent, selective and precise but also has the ability to showcase its unmatchable capability of serving every palate possible. “Our restaurant has the longest serving breakfast time from 4 AM to 12 noon in the city,” says the chef.

The ambience of the restaurant is airy and bright. The Red and Yellow ambiance glows to its own existence. “The colour theme around is peppy with an advantage to have a look at the food being prepared through the live kitchen window. The artistic view invites the attention and the buffet laid add the sophisticated look to the ambience that provides an elaborate selection of Indian and International cuisine and courses,” he says. Keeping with the current favourite of eating healthy, “Spice It makes this fashion a new reality,” says Punit. Wanna begin your lunch and dinner with a soup, for the non-vegetarians there is Marag – Hyderabadi lamb soup or Sweet Corn soup - thick cream of sweet corn with chicken and with vegetables for the vegetarians. There is also Roasted Tomato Basil – basil infused tomato soup with burnt garlic and croutons; Dal Dhaniya Shorba – coriander infused lentil soup and Cream of Mushroom- Thyme scented button mushroom soup with a dash of cream.

In the Salad Section, there is Chicken Tikka Salad, Caesar Salad, Grilled Chicken, Roasted Vegetables, Tomato and Mozzarella – duet of plum tomatoes and fresh mozzarella with pesto drizzle and Fresh Vegetable Bouquet.

In the Western specialties, one can have Lamb Rack – served with mashed potatoes, buttered vegetables and merlotjus, Grilled Tenderloin, Grilled Chicken Breast with Panjus or Herb-crusted Fish with Lemon Butter – chunks of seer fish served with spaghetti and buttered vegetables. For the vegetarians, Melazane Parmigiana – baked aubergine and tomato tian with parmesan is there.

In the Indian Specialties section, Kashmiri preparation of lamb braised with fennel, ginger and tomatoes, Mutton Rogan Josh, Minced lamb cooked with fenugreek, chilli and coriander – Hyderabadi Keema Masala, the Bhuna Gosht – chunks of lamb cooked in an onion tomato gravy, Nellore Chepala Pulusu – a traditional south Indian fish and curry and the regular Butter Chicken Masala, Murgh Do Pyaaza, Murgh Saagwala and Sason Machhi. You can savour these with rice or naan or roti.

Those who love dal and veggies, there is Baghare Baingan – baby aubergines cooked with a blend of peanuts, coconut and Indian spices, Kumbh Makai Palak – diced mushrooms and corn cooked in a spinach gravy. Wanna keen on having regulars, try out the Aloo Gobhi Masala, Aloo Jeera, Gobhi Matar Masala, Paneer Lababdar, Paneer Pasanda, Malai Kofta Curry, Dal Tadka, Khatti Dal, Dal Tamatri, Dal Makhani. Being in the city of Nizams, must try out Subz Nizami Handi – bouquet of vegetables cooked in onion tomato gravy.

If you are a fan of Biryani, try something different the Kachhi Gosht ki Biryani – lamb marinated overnight and cooked with scented basmati rice and Indian spices or try the Hyderabadi Dum Biryani – scented basmati rice cooked over low heat with Indian spices and ghee with chicken or vegetables.

The restaurant also serves Burgers, Pasta and Pizza, Rolls and Sandwiches. There is also lip smacking Asian Specialties.

Do you love train journeys and are you missing one? Fret not, the Ohri’s Silver Metro train is ever-ready and you can board it for a journey filled with food that is enticing and desserts that are absolutely exquisite. Located in Ohri’s Cuisine Court, opposite old Gandhi Medical College, Silver Metro attracts the young and the old. As you walk down the steps to enter Silver Metro, you will see the silvered metro train. You can step into the train or have your culinary feast outside. Choice is yours!

After hopping on to the culinary train, what do you want to start with a Sharbat or Soup? Usually going to a restaurant, when the weather is a little chilly, one would prefer to have something hot. So the best choice was to taste the cream of vegetable soup, which was nutritious. The others on the platter were the Cream of tomato soup, Tomato coriander shorba, Cream of Spinach soup and cream of chicken soup. In the Sharbat section, there was Bhuna Jeera Chaas – chilled buttermilk laced with roasted cumin, and Piyush, saffron and nut meg flavoured buttermilk with pistachio slivers and Vasantha Neer, a refreshingly chilled tender coconut water with honey and lemon. There is something special for the diabetics, Sharbat-e-Gur, a thirst-quenching cooler with jaggery and refreshing spices. Among the starters or Shuruaat as the restaurant calls it, there is a rich fare for non-vegetarians. Top on the list was a spicy treat - Jhinga Panipat Kebab- stuffed Bhavangiri chillies and marinated prawns skewered in the tandoor. The other culinary item is Macchili Amritsari. Yes, it is fresh dices of river sole fish marinated with ajwain, curd, lemon and gram flour flavoured with ginger garlic paste, deep fried and garnished with onion rings. Chicken Tikka is prepared differently here. Boneless pieces of chicken is marinated in traditional tandoori masala and cooked on a slow charcoal fire, served with homemade mint sauce.

The others on the menu include Tawa Tiger Prawns, Pepper Prawns, Bhuna Besan ka Macchli Tikka, Macchli Tawa Hara Masala, Apollo Fish, Chicken Malai Kebab, Chicken Chatpata, Chicken Reshmi Kebab, Makhrana Tangdi, Murgh Kasuri Kebab, Murgh Chakori Roll, Tandoori Chicken, Bhuna Boti Jeera, Mutton Kacchi Kebab and Metro ka Khazana.

For the vegetarians, there is Khasta Subz Rolls, Paneer ki Mirchi, Paneer Tikka, Stuffed Mushrooms, Tawa Tossed Baby Corn, and Masala Crispy Corn. But, if you are here try out the Subzi Aur Kismis ki Shammi – finely minced vegetables and shredded spinach Tikkis stuffed with raisins and crusted almonds served with a hot tomato relish. The other one is the Shahjahani Paneer – sandwiched cottage chesse, stuffed chillies and shaslik vegetables grilled in the tandoor with pepper spiked marination.

For those who love to savour dishes prepared with chicken and fish, the Silver Metro offers Vishesh Curries. There is Jhingda Handi, Fish Tikka Masala, Murgh Elaichi Korma, Lucknow Bhuna Tangdi, Murgh Nizami Handi, Kadai Chicken, Egg Masala and Mutton Noorani Chop.

For those who love Kashmiri food, there is Mutton Rogan Josh and an Arabic cooking inspired dish Kebab Kapsa, which has lamb pulao topped with carved lamb stuffed with nuts, eggs and dry fruits. Another Kashmiri dish here is the Tabak Maans – mutton cooked with dry ginger in robust onion gravy.

In the Subz Dil Bahar section, there are a lot of Paneer varieties – Paneer Butter Masala, Paneer Tikka Masala, Paneer Kundan Methi, Paneer Begum Bahar, Paneer Aur Mirchi Ka Salan, Wadianwala Paneer. The in-house speciality is the Diwani Handi, Dahi Baingan – baby brinjals cooked in tangy gravy with yogurt and heavily tempered.  In the roti section, there are the regulars and in rice section there is the regular Vegetable Pulao, Peas Pulao, Vegetable Dum Biryani, Mutton Biryani, Fish/Prawn and special Chicken Biryani. For those who want to eat continental the section includes Chicken Steak, Chicken in Pepper Mushroom Sauce, Corn and au gratin and Penne with Broccoli and Mushrooms in Cheese sauce.

Those of you who love exotic drinks, in the Mocktails section, you have Mint and Coriander Magic, Strawberry Heart, Honey or Berry and Thanda iced tea. Silver Metro dishes out Anu Special- drink made with ice-cream, minty chocolate and dry fruit. For the cosy two-some there is Kiss Me & Miss Me – made with special bar masala, mango, basil and fresh orange; and Pomo and Melo Madness – a delicious drink made with fresh pomegranate, fresh melon and lemonade.

Apart from other drinks, at Silver Metro there are In-House and Classic Cocktails. The adventurous  can have Joshila Falsa – delicious and aromatic mix of vodka, falsa, black salt, mint leaf and pineapple juice. There is Exotic Metro – creamy drink of vodka, almond, mango juice, pineapple juice and fat free cream and Ultimate Silver Metro Iced Tea – strong drink of five white spirits, cinnamon sweet and sour.

In the Sweet Zaika section, there is regular Gulab Jamun with ice cream, Fruit salad with ice cream, Lychee with ice cream and Mulayam Rasmalai. If you want something different, try out the Moong Dal Halwa or Hot Malpua with Rabdi.

The restaurant is open for lunch and dinner and a meal for two costs Rs. 900 approximately.

Restaurant Karampodi, located at Film Nagar, Jubilee Hills, famous for reviving some of the age-old and forgotten homemade Telugu cuisines recently bagged the Best Restaurant Award in Telangana from the Tourism Department, Govt. of Telangana. Burra Venkatesham, Secretary Tourism, Govt. of Telangana and Pervaram Ramulu, Chairman, Telangana State Tourism Development Corporation, presented the award to the restaurant owners Ajay Ramadi, Shyam Jampala and Kiran Konijeti.

Karampodi is a joint venture of friends Ajay, Raju Vysyaraju, Kiran and Shyam who all worked abroad in diversified fields and relocated to the city. Shyam, a Management graduate from Liverpool John moors University, earlier worked with Satyam and Google, before pursuing his passion in the food industry.

Shyam, whose passion for food has taken him across the globe, said Karampodi is our passionate venture. “Through Karampodi, we are on a journey to revive some of the age-old and forgotten homemade Telugu cuisines,” he said.

Explaining about Karampodi, Shyam said it has a rich history and a unique recipe for Telugus. “Karampodi was developed in an era when the luxury of vegetables was not available all throughout the year.  Karampodi probably must have been created not just to add taste but also to add nutrients to the humble rice,” Shyam said. He adds that some of the Podis (powders) well-known to Telugus are Kotimeera Podi, Mirapakaya Podi, Kakarakaya Karam Podi, Kobbari Karam Podi, Palli Podi and Pudina Podi.

“In this fast-paced living, Karampodi offers a place where one can connect to one’s roots and relive the magic of one’s ancestral homes. We have stretched and entered the traditional Telugu kitchens and now bring to you some special recipes to reignite not just your taste buds, but also fond memories of yesteryears,” informed Shyam. From over 400 grandma recipes, Karampodi has standardised some and trimmed to 199 to offer to its discerning patrons. The restaurant also offers Non-Veg breakfast dishes.

Speaking about experimental Non-Veg Breakfast items, which are not very common, Shyam said that Karampodi promises to make the guests morning special. “The morning will remind about one’s roots, traditions, homes, granny and village. Some of the non-veg breakfasts lined up include Idly, Thatte Idly or Vada or Appam with Natu Kodi Pulusu or Chepala Pulusu; Poori or Dosa with Yata Mamsum Kura or Kodi Kura, Kheema Masala, and the other veg dishes include  Ulavachaaru Idly, Venna Idly, Kakinada Pesarattu, Sreemanthudu Dosa and many more,” he said.

Some of the signature main course traditional dishes include Bommadiyalu Pulusu, Ragi Sankranti with Natukodi Pulusu and Bhaagmathi masala pappu. The Pappus, include Mudda, Palakoor, Gongura, Tomato pappu, Dal Tadka and Dal Fry. The restaurant also offers Veg gravies like Bangaladumpa with Palak, Kaju Kura, Egg gravies like Guddu Pulusu, Guddu Masala; Chicken gravies like Miryala Kodi Kura, Pandu Mirchi Kodi Kura; Mutton gravies like Yata Mamsam; Golconda Muttila Kura, Kheema Masala; Sea Food Gravies include Koramatta Pulusu/Iguru etc.

Traditional rotis like Jonna Rotte, Rice like Thella Annam, Neyya Annam, Rasam Annam; Pulaos like Kushka Pulao; Kunda Biryani like Natu Kodi Kunda, Royyala Kunda; Non-Veg Biryani like Ulavacharu Kodi Biryani etc. Rare traditional dishes like Junnu, Kobbari Neelu, and Bobbatlu Vedi Paalu etc. are also available. There are many signature starters as well.

Non-vegetarian Signature Starters at the restaurant include Matka Chicken, Kamzu Fry and Peethala Vepudu. The chicken starters include Taramati Kodi, Pandu Mirchi Kodi, Kodi Vepudu, Kodi Fries, Kodi Pakoda, Kothimira Kodi, Kobbari Kodi, Karivepaku Kodi, Miriyala Kodi, and Karampodi Kodi. The starters based on egg are Guddu Pakodi, Omelette, Masala Omelette and Half - Boiled Omelette. For the vegetarians, there is Assorted Bajji, Aratikaya Bajji, Dosakaya Bajji, Bangaladumpa Bajji, Tamalapaku Bajji, Paneer Pakodi, Mokkajunna Pakodi, Kampodi Mokkajunna, Pesarapappu Pakodi, Veg Muttilu. Shyam says that to savour and enjoy lip-smacking cuisine, use your hands and not cutlery. Sharing their plans, Shyam said: “We plan to develop Karampodi into a chain and then would like to take it all over Telugu States and the country. Our vision is to develop Karampodi into a formidable food chain that would have at-least one outlet in every district headquarters in both the Telugu states in next five years.” He said plans are on to open two restaurants, one each at Kukatpally and Dilsukhnagar and one outlet each in Vijayawada and Vishakhapatnam.

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