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A Practical Manual From a Professional Day Trading Coach

Every day hundreds of millions change hands in the markets, presenting you the perfect opportunity to make significant profits through day trading. In this bestselling guide, international day trading coach Markus Heitkoetter lays out a simple, proven system for day trading success. From the basic essentials of day trading to the actual process of making money in the markets, he covers it all: 

  • What is day trading, why day trade, and is it right for you?
  • Getting started - setting goals and how to make a plan to achieve them
  • How much money should you have to get started
  • What you need to get started - the tools, the methods, the mindset
  • How to select the best market to trade: derivatives, stocks, forex
  • Popular trading approaches - and a 7-step approach to developing your own profitable trading strategy\
  • The 10 power principles of profitable day trading
  • Avoiding the 7 common mistakes traders make
  • How to get started without risking a single penny
  • Bonus Material: Ready-to-use trading plan templates, and checklists.

    Loaded with easy-to-use, practical, proven and reliable strategies and guidelines, this book will serve as your own personal day trading profit manual.

    Month: June 2010.

‘He lay against the bed of wet earth and fallen leaves and stared at the sky. He felt euphoric, lying totally naked inside the forest. Baring the body had achieved baring of the soul.’

Set in the turbulent 1960s, Days and Nights in the Forests (Aranyer Dinratri) was the second novel that a young Sunil Gangopadhyay wrote. Largely autobiographical, it is the story of a whimsical, impromptu journey that four city youths - Ashim, Sanjoy, Shekhar and Robi - take into the forests of Palamau.

The four friends blithely imagine that their escapade into the wilderness will distance them from ‘civilization’ and take them closer to pristine nature. In reality, the solitude and austere majesty of the forest force them to look deeply into themselves and confront their all-too-human follies and ‘civilized’ foibles in new, unexpected and frightening ways. As they hear the ominous sound of one tree after another being felled, encounter mercenary traders bent on milking the forests for all it is worth, and see the simmering unrest flickering in the eyes of the tribal inhabitants, they are compelled to look well beyond their own time to a plundered and violated world where the forests can never be a pastoral utopia - a world that is, inexorably and inescapably, our own. They return to Calcutta ineffably changed - sadder, older, more introspective.

Days and Nights in the Forest was made into a celebrated film by Satyajit Ray very soon after its publication. Now translated for the first time from the original Bengali into English, this prescient and sophisticated novel remains as sharply relevant more than forty years after it was first written. It has been translated by Rani Ray.

Month: June 2010

The mercury is rising with a vengeance! It has been the hottest April in nearly a decade with temperatures rising abnormally. It is a clear sign of climate change hitting India and global warming taking its toll, with temperatures across India having already crossed the 40-degree mark. It doesn’t seem to get better any time soon. The city is sizzling hot with the day-time temperature touching record figures, the highest-ever in the last nine years.

Harry Barnsley, an Australian reporter, faces the sack if he cannot produce a scoop. Problem is, he hasn’t broken a story in more than 5 years. Then the paper’s advertising director, Charmaine D’Souza, tells him to fly to Muskoka, north of Toronto, where her Indian-born aunt Serena lives. Serena had helped capture a German spy during Second World War, but has remained tight-lipped about it. Will Serena reveal her secret to Barnsley?

Growing up in Marsdengunj, a tiny railway colony in eastern India, Serena Bracebridge-Rhode lived a protected life with her father, an engine driver, whose reputation was severely tainted after the mysterious disappearance of his wife. Serena became a nurse and travelled to London, where, after the Allied retreat from Dunkirk, she was enlisted into ‘Churchill’s secret army’ by a career soldier.

60 years later, she finally breaks her silence  telling Barnsley her story, but the aftershock takes the journalist all the way to the Vatican.

Month: May 2010.

How to Not Go Crazy  - Thoughts to Bear in Mind to Get Through Even the Worst Days.

An emotion common to humankind is fear.  Fear dogs our days, makes us lose sleep, ruins our relationships and takes the joy out of living.

The strongest, best defense against that emotion is to see through the eyes of faith.  As such, Ben Stein brings you 500 ways to look at life so that you can triumph over fear.

Ben absorbed many of the positive thoughts within these pages at 12 Step meetings he has attended, he has applied them to his own life, and he’s found that they work. They’re simple, but extremely effective.

Taken regularly, these concepts will make your life easier, calmer, and definitely more enjoyable.

Ben Stein can be seen talking about finance on Fox News every week and writing about it regularly in Fortune and Yahoo! Finance. He is also a commentator for CBS Sunday Morning and CNN.

Month: May 2010

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Belum Caves near Kurnool (Andhra Pradesh, India), is the longest underground cave system in South India, with a length of about 3.5 kms, and is famous for its breathtaking Stalactite and Stalagmite formations


Do we need younger politicians in the State and at the Centre? Do younger politicians make better leaders?